When God Made You


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When God made Elina, He pulled moonlight from the north, starlight from the south, sunlight from the east, and candlelight from the west. He planted the four lights around the steadfast soil of her soul, and beaming with gladness, God said, Elina, pray.

Every child around the globe is specially made by God with a unique set of virtues, talents, and interests. What beautiful things was God thinking when He made you?

About the Author: Jane G. Meyer is a children’s book author and editor who lives in Santa Barbara, California, with her husband and children. She loves the outdoors, learning new languages, fiddling in her garden, and making things with her hands. Besides her editorial work for Ancient Faith Publishing, she is the author of several books for children, including The Man and the Vine (Saint Vladimir Seminary Press, 2006), and The Suitcase (Paraclete Press, 2017).

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Age Range:

3 – 12 years


Jane G. Meyer


Also available as an ebook


8 x 10 inches

Page Length:

32 pages


Ancient Faith Publishing




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